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eczema facts

1. You're not alone [if you have eczema].
Over 30 million Americans have eczema right now.

2. There is eczema at the top of my right cheek and the top of my left cheek right now. (12/2/2016)

3. Eczema on my cheeks has largely cleared up with a mix of my prescription ointment and Lubriderm Advanced Therapy lotion (12/3/2016)

4. Around this time last year, my eczema really started to show up--
on my face(cheeks and eyelids), the insides of my elbows, the insides of my knees, wrists.
Scratching kept me up at night. (see image gallery)

5. Adults can develop eczema, even if they never had it as a child. It is more common, however, that humans develop eczema as babies/children.

6. There exists an "itch-scratch cycle," where a mild itchy patch might be scratch, which causes it to become more inflammed.
This worsens the itchy patch and can eventually cause one to scratch until they bleed.

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